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Brian Sanders, Artistic Director


A Winter Wonderland Furrytail
December 4th thru 15th

The Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts
Tickets on sale now!

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Act One

Welcome to Grey Lane, where winter hits hard and the snowballs hit harder.  If only Lil' Tim Flake had the courage to aim one at the tyrannical landlady harassing his parents.  Julia Stone has every alley resident under her heavily jeweled thumb…everyone except Gem. Gem doesn't have to answer to anyone, no landlady, no parents….no one. If only Lil' Tim could find the courage to tell her how he feels about her.  If only he wasn't so shy…If only he could find a way to stand this hazy shade of winter...If only.   

Act Two

But, what if…?  What if Grey Lane wasn't really so grey?  What if one small flake could make a difference?  What if strength, friendship, and even LOVE could find a way to blossom and grow through the cracks in the ice? After one very cold winter storm, Lil' Tim and Gem discover that Grey Lane has many mysteries to unlock and battles to fight.  Only by working together will they realize the smallest snowflake can help create the most powerful SNOWBALL.

Snowball is a frozen fantasia where a little change in perspective can reveal big surprises. Don't sit back in your seats! Join in  and shake your tail as JUNK, creates a wintery fantasia complete with holiday "suites" each set to treats from the '80's.  If you see a snowball and it's headed your way, DUCK!...and then, of course, throw one back!

Don't be left out in the Cold, JOIN in the Fun and Learn the Flake Out!

The Flake Out is a dance that people can learn before they come to the show. More information coming soon...

Learn how to melt the Ice Queen: During the second act, every time the Ice Queen raises both her arms you get to boo and hiss as loud as you want.

pssst: Don't forget the Holiday "CHEER" and the Snowball Fight: when Gem kisses T. Flake.

All white outfits get 5 free snowballs for the snowball fight.

SNOWBALL Opening Night Celebration
Wednesday, December 4th from 6p to 11p

Ticket Packages

VIP Tickets ($150 individual/$250 couple):
- A pre-show reception at 6 PM in the Harold Prince Theatre Lobby. Enjoy specialty beverages and hors d'oeuvres with Brian Sanders and the other artists behind Snowball. - Exclusive seating for Snowball.
- End the night in true JUNK style alongside the performers for a post-show party with specialty beverages, sweet treats and cool beats.
Proceeds from VIP package sales benefit JUNK and are 50% tax-deductible.

Post-Show Party Package ($50):
- Select seating for Snowball.
- End the night in true JUNK style alongside the performers for a post-show party with specialty beverages, sweet treats, and cool beats.
Proceeds from Post-Show Party package sales benefit JUNK and are 25% tax-deductible.

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You may also mail in your payment to:
1938 S Iseminger Street
Philadelphia, PA 19148

Please indicate the type and quantity of packages. Payments need to be received by November 25th.

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